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Cabin Rates

Cabin rental rates listed do not include HST tax.

# of Persons Daily Rate Weekly Rate
2 $90.00 $450.00
3 $115.00 $575.00
4 $150.00 $750.00
5 $180.00 $900.00
6 $210.00 $1,025.00

* Please note that diff rates apply to newer cabins, please contact us for more information

Note: US currency is accepted at current market exchange rates.

Equipment Rental Rates

Boat Rental: $60.00/Week, $20.00/Day
Motor Rental: $150.00/Week, $40.00/Day

Note: Prices do NOT include the cost of fuel or HST tax.

Drinking Water: Well water supplied to all cabins is potable. The Government of Ontario Public Health regulations require well water to be filtered and treated with UV light. Ongoing tests deem our water is free from bacteria and potable.